Hello to everyone on this Remembrance weekend! We at Sheppey Pride are motoring things forward for the main event next year. A very productive week saw many of the less glamorous but vital things ticked off our “to do” lists, which are as long as your arm! It always feels good when you are achieving the small things that make the big things happen. A big thank you to The Old House at Home, Queenborough for hosting us and providing delicious food. We are very much hoping to see as many of you as possible at our Drag Queen Bingo Night. It will be a load of fun and you can win cash prizes too. Caller and host is the fabulous Krystal Ball. The event is Friday 23rd November from 7pm, at Eastchurch holiday centre, Fourth Avenue. November 12 – 19, is Transgender Awareness Week, raising the visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming people, and addressing the issues the community faces. Also, after Transgender Awareness Week is Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), an annual observance on November 20 that honours the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. Transgender women particularly are subjected to violence and harassment all over the world. Just to step out of their front doors can be dangerous.
Transgender Awareness Week is a time for allies to take action and bring attention to the community by educating the public and advancing advocacy around the issues of prejudice, discrimination, and violence that transgender people face. Be an ally, speak up!, speak out and stand up in solidarity. For more information, visit https://ww