Sheppey Pride
I’m going to start with a huge and heartfelt thanks from all of us at Sheppey Pride to all of YOU who supported the Quiz night last Friday. From the Quiz goers to those who donated raffle prizes. From our gorgeous bears up for auction to Harmony Therapy Trust’s Dawn and Lyn who came along to help us unveil our banner and wish us well. For all the extra donations and those who sent good wishes, Sheppey FM who promoted us and Sheerness Co-Operative sports and social club who hosted us, THANK YOU .
The evening was a fabulous success, glitter galore! And we can’t wait for our next fundraiser, all to be revealed soon!

October 20 years ago, Gay student Matthew Shepard became a symbol of hatred and intolerance when he was beaten and left on a fence in the Wyoming desert to die.
He was finally laid to rest 20 years later when his ashes were interred at the National Cathedral in Washington on Friday. “It’s so important that we now have a home for Matt,” his Dad, Dennis said at the start of the service. “A home that others can visit, a home that is safe from haters, a home that he loved dearly from his younger days in Sunday school and as an acolyte in the church back home.”
The service was conducted by the Right Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay priest to be consecrated a bishop in the Episcopal Church.
Matthew Shepard’s murder helped kick start the civil rights movement for LGBT people. His Mum felt that the Cathedral was the only place his remains would be kept safe and free from vandalism.
Thinking about Matt, that beautiful boy who had his life brutally ended, and his loving parents who have fought for 20 years to get such hate crimes recognised and prosecuted.
RIP Matthew. to reply or comment click here