Where Does The Money Go

So now for the important stuff:- where the money goes. As a Not For Profit Community Interest Group we are proud to say that all profits made from our sheppeypride.org events will go to a number of charities and community organisations including those named below


The Harmony Trust
The Harmony Therapy Trust is very honoured that Sheppey Pride has adopted us as one of their selected charities for the Sheppey Pride event in July 2019. The Harmony Therapy Trust founded in 2010, are based on Sheppey but our “Healing Hands” reach across the whole of Kent, providing complimentary therapies for the seriously ill and where possible their carers, please see our website for more details of our work. http://www.theharmonytherapytrust.org.uk/


Freedom Centre
At Freedom Centre we are very pleased to be a nominated charity by the Sheppeypride.org event in July 2019. Our Charity provides social, educational and therapeutic sessions for disabled adults in Kent. Many of our members receive funding from Social Services for their place. Our centre has been running for 30 years in 2019 and relies on donations for art equipment, days out and activities. http://www.freedom-centre.org/



Sheppey Matters
Sheppey Matters are looking forward to supporting Sheppey Pride and being one of the nominated charities and recipient of the fundraising resulting from the Pride event on the Isle of Sheppey in July 2019. Sheppeypride.org are a worthwhile and needed Advocacy Group on the Isle of Sheppey. We join Sheppey Pride in their ethos of dedicating efforts to address issues in a positive way, with the access to the right resources, information and education which in turn will empower others to increase their own confidence and fulfil their own potential. http://www.sheppeymatters.org.uk/


Trustees are delighted the Fund has been chosen as one of the four charities to benefit from Sheppey Pride’s fundraising event in July 2019.
The Swale Youth Development Fund is a registered charity (no.23333) which gives financial assistance to a person up to and including the age of 21 years who is normally resident in the Borough of Swale – including those who have a mental impairment or physical disability or those for whom English is a second language – particularly by the provision of financial assistance or equipment, at the Fund’s sole discretion.
The criteria is deliberately open so as to give those applying the opportunity to progress their talent in whatever form it might take – sport, music, the arts….
Further details and an application form can be found on the Fund’s website at www.swaleyouthdevelopmentfund.org.uk